Welcome to Makeup Diva, MD!

From the darkest kohl liner of Cleopatra, with its power to enchant the two most powerful men in Ancient Rome, to the porcelain faces of the fabled geisha, to the ruby lips of 1950’s silver screen sirens, makeup has never been surpassed in its ability to transform, ennoble, and illuminate the fairer sex.

From early memories of playing in my mother’s makeup bag to my daring experiments with turquoise eyeshadow in college, my own fascination with makeup has been long-lived. In its purest form, makeup is no mask, but a lens through which to glimpse a woman’s natural beauty. For this reason, it is among the crucial adornments of a woman on her most important day.

Through this blog, I hope to bring you honest reviews of cosmetic products so that you may best utilize this most dazzling medium of femininity.

God bless! šŸ™‚

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