Review: Sephora Collection “Color Lip Last” Lipsticks

When one passes through Sephora, the eye is immediately drawn to more expensive brands — Nars, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, and the like. Recently, however, I have discovered hidden gems in the Sephora Collection itself, often overlooked — perhaps since it receives less press and is cheaper.

I hope to introduce you to the Collection’s treasures in coming days and months, beginning with its “Color Lip Last” lipsticks.

According to, this lipstick’s “high coverage pigments distribute intense color.” The website also states, “The ultra-thin texture feels light, and the waterproof formula makes it refreshingly smudge-proof.”

I purchased 5 shades and will discuss them, one by one.

Shade #1– “Vintage Pink”

The website describes this color as “brownish light pink.” I would describe it as mauve instead. What this description also fails to mention are the lovely silver sparkles which infuse the lipstick.

The formula glides on smoothly, with a creamy texture. However, it dries quickly — and will not budge once it sets.

The pigment is true to the tube, and I did not notice any patchiness on the lips:



This hue is quite office-appropriate, producing a my-lips-but-better effect, enlivened by the fine silver sparkles.

Shade #2 – “Natural Pink”

The website describes this color as “peachy pink.” It is similar to the first color except this shade is matte — no shimmer of any kind.

On the lips:

Putting the lipstick in context:

As you can see, this is the classic nude lipstick — not “concealer lips” (which erase them and may consequently wash out the face), but a lipstick 1-2 shades darker than the natural lip color. Again, this one is ideal for the office.

Shade #3 – “All You Need is Red”

Alright, let’s vamp it up! 😉

This shade is described as “deep coral red.” I agree with this assessment, although the lipstick appears fuchsia in the photo, for some reason. It is entirely matte.



Striking shade of orange-red — reminds me of Mac’s “Lady Danger” lipstick. Due to the undertones conferred by the coral, this lipstick might suit warmer/darker complexions best. All eyes will be upon you while sporting this shade!

Shade #4 – “Pure Red”

This is a matte red, with neutral undertones.



Behold “Elizabeth Taylor” red, ladies — bright true red, with all the seductive properties associated with that silver screen icon. Since it possesses neutral undertones, this lipstick will flatter all complexions.

Shade #5 – “Wanted Red”

This shade is similar to the last one, albeit darker.



Gorgeous red! This is the shade a geisha might wear — the color of blood. Not a shade for the faint-hearted, though. The undertone is once again neutral, so all complexions can safely wear this lipstick.

In short, these lipsticks DO last all day — so much so that makeup remover is required to clean them from the lips at the day’s end; therefore, these “Color Lip Last” lipsticks are aptly named. The pigmentation is dramatic, as promised. I do not think these feel “ultra-thin” or “light” on the lips, but they aren’t drying like so many other long-lasting lipsticks.

DO check out these little jewels the next time you are browsing through Sephora! A whopping 26 shades are available, so chances are high that you’ll find at least one you like! 🙂

Final Score: 4.5/5 Stars

Available at Sephora for $12

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