Review: CoverGirl’s “Ink It” Eyeliner

Drugstore eyeliner always seems to be “hit-or-miss,” which is always a great reason to read reviews and make an informed decision!

Today I will rate and review CoverGirl’s new “Ink It!” eyeliner 🙂

The website states that these eyeliners, available in 6 shades, “glide on smoothly and easily without skipping, dragging, or pulling,” leaving behind color that “lasts all day long.” We shall examine these claims, one by one.

The pen design allows you to twist up the product with no sharpening required, which is always a plus.


As I swatch the product, it appears to possess vivid pigmentation:

So far, so good!

Application to the lash line, however, begins the difficulty. Tugging the lid a great deal and requiring many strokes to apply product, this liner does not dispense smoothly AT ALL. Novices to eyeliner will be completely lost with this product since application is very difficult, even for a makeup veteran like me. And forget the cat eye — that is impossible with this liner!

My attempt:


One caveat, however — This eyeliner, if ever you can manage to apply it, will indeed last all day without smudging. The swatch did not fade from my hand, even after multiple hand washings.

This product was a disappointment. The ad, which I will display at the bottom of the blog post, was tempting, so my hopes were high. The eyeliner does not “glide” onto the lid, as the company promises — far from it! Application is very tedious. Its longevity then becomes a problem, since the line made by this product is, due to the difficult application, coarse and uneven at best.

Save your money — $5 is too much to spend on this monstrosity!

Final Score: 1/5

Available at Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, Target, & ULTA for $5

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  1. Even though it was a problem for you, your eye looked beautiful!! I wish it was that easy to make my eyes look good even with a bad product. I have trouble with perfered products.

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