Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadow Round-Up

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Today I’d like to review and swatch my Bare Minerals loose eyeshadow collection — and then communicate my thoughts regarding their uses. This post will focus on Bare Minerals’ shimmer shades only since the matte shades are too numerous — those will be saved for a later post 🙂

1) “Bare Skin” – Gorgeous peach sheen. It’s beautiful applied all over the eyelid for a one-shadow look. The peach tones particularly compliment blue eyes.

2) “Rapture” – Beautiful copper shimmer, with just a hint of coral.

3) “Soul” – Buttery white satin shade, which manifests a subtle iridescence when applied. Perfect as a base color over the entire eye.

4) “Satin Ruffle” – Grey-white pearl. This shade is actually the most sheer of these shadows and might work best as a brow bone or inner corner highlight.

5) “Magnolia” – Glistening baby pink. This shade is pinker than the photo allows, perhaps too pigmented to use as a highlight color. Great for a one-shadow look on the lid itself. The rosy undertone makes green eyes pop.

6) “Citrus Twist” – Stunning coral pink with golden shimmer. If the Nars “O” blush had an eyeshadow equivalent, this would be it. Very flattering to green eyes!

7) “Celestine” – Dainty pearlescent silver. Beautiful as a one-shadow look applied on the lid.

8) “Queen Tiffany” – Rich mahogany shimmer, with a warm undertone like burnt copper. Beautiful on blue eyes.

9) “Drama” – The most gorgeous taupe eyeshadow I’ve ever seen. Period. Universally flattering — a must-own shade! Better than MAC’s “Satin Taupe,” in my opinion.

10) “Glamorista” – Olive green sheen. I love this shadow since it’s the color of my eyes! 🙂

11) “Brocade” – Glittering indigo. This is arguably the most striking – and unique – shade in the collection. It possesses a 3-dimensional quality, with navy, purple, black tones. It reminds me of the starry night in Van Gogh’s painting. This shade has all the makings of a killer smokey eye! 🙂

12) “Dark Chocolate” – Shimmering golden brown. Similar to “Queen Tiffany” — without the warm russet undertone.

13) “1990s” – Royal purple with golden and silver sparkle. Another fantastic “smokey eye” shade!

14) “Sapphire Sky” – Shimmering navy. For some reason, this shade applies less evenly than the others, although it certainly has “smokey eye” potential as well.


What I love about these eyeshadows is their luminous three-dimensional quality, in which one can discern multiple different pigments and undertones. This makes for some truly unique and complex shades, which can not be easily duped. On the negative side, one must be very careful with the loose pigments since a spill can cause a dreadful accident on the carpet or dresser. (I have learned this fact through experience!).

Nevertheless, I think it’s well worth picking up a few of these shades since they are one-of-a-kind and do not crease, even without primer 🙂

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