Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!

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Ladies & gents, I’m very pleased to present the Urban Decay “Naked 3” palette!

Building upon the phenomenonal success of the first two “Naked” palettes, packed with stunning neutrals, Urban Decay first announced the new palette a mere month ago. This led to a massive sell-out on the website when this baby was first released. Nevertheless, I was lucky to place my order before it went out of stock, and my palette arrived three days ago!

This new palette definitely leans more cool-toned than warm — and emanates an elegant rose-gold theme which is apparent on the packaging itself:


First 6 shadows:

The latter 6 shadows:


1) “Strange” – Matte off-white. Perfect as a base since it lightens the eye lid but, as you can see in the swatch on the right, does not dispense much pigment.


2) “Dust” – Frosted baby pink. Flattering as a brow bone or inner corner highlight.


3) “Burnout” – Satin mauve sheen. Beautiful as a lid or crease color.


4) “Limit” – Light matte mauve. Perfect as a crease, or “blending out” color.


5) “Buzz” – My favorite color in the palette! Very pigmented shimmering mauve. Incredible as a lid or crease color.


6) “Trick” – Glimmering rose gold. This is the palette’s only warm-toned shadow.


7) “Nooner” – Dark matte lavender mauve. A lovely crease color.


8) “Liar” – Light taupe sheen with hints of pink.


9) “Factory” – Dark cool-toned taupe. Can be used on the lid or crease.


10) “Mugshot” – Metallic taupe. Incredible lid shade.


11) “Darkside” – Satin dark grey-taupe. Can be used as a lid color or to deepen/define the crease.


12) “Blackheart” – Deep plum-black with pink sparkles. This is a killer smokey eye shade! Can be used as lid or crease color or even as eyeliner.


I have two sample eye looks, using only shades from this palette! 🙂

Look #1


In the look above, I used “Strange” as a base color over the entire eye, “Buzz” on the lid, “Factory” and “Darkside” in the crease, “Buzz” as an inner corner and browbone highlight, and “Blackheart” as liner on both upper and lower lash lines.

Look #2


In the above look, I again used “Strange” as a base color, “Nooner” in the crease, “Buzz” on the browbone, and “Blackheart” again as liner on both upper and lower lash line.

I know that some people thought that “Naked 2” was cool-toned, but this palette is the coolest (and fairest) of them all. The heavy pink and rose gold undertones (and overtones) that infuse “Naked 3” bestow a highly feminine glow to the eyes, which is stunning on any occasion (work or play). It’s my runaway favorite among the 4 “Naked” palettes (including the “Naked Basics”) from Urban Decay.

Ladies, get thee to Sephora or ULTA as soon as possible! I fully endorse this product — it’s worth every penny. 😍

Final Verdict: 5/5 Stars

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