Liebster Blog Award

Thanks so much to Dandygal from for nominating me!

Now, on to the questions:

1) The 3 items you will take to a remote island?

I will take Curel, lip balm, and the Bible. As for the first two items, I cannot live with chapped lips and hands! 🙂

2) Last movie you saw?

“Catching Fire.” I think it was far better than the first film — can’t wait until the finale!  I love Katniss’s makeup looks from this movie and hope to do a tutorial soon!

3) Favorite lipstick or lipgloss?

Such a difficult decision, on both counts! My favorite lipsticks come from the Mac line — you would have to pry Viva Glam V, New York Apple, Plum Dandy, Faux, Russian Red, Sweetie, and Creme de la Femme out of my cold dead hands! 🙂 My favorite lip glosses are the Buxom “Big & Healthy Lip Polishes”. I adore the tingling sensation they afford; when I had 24-hour ICU calls, I always took one of these in my scrubs pocket! They are ultra-moisturizing — and look gorgeous.

4) Best Drugstore Product/Brand?

Although I used to love Revlon best, L’Oreal has impressed me lately! My favorite drugstore product is their 24-hour Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in “Blackest Black” — I use it everyday. It has even replaced my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners due to superior creaminess and longevity; plus, the L’Oreal version doesn’t dry out nearly as quickly. It has become my Holy Grail eyeliner!

5) Last product you used?

Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in “Rose Pearl.” I purchased this product some time ago but never used it. I pulled it out yesterday — and thought it applied beautifully to the cheeks. The “Pearl” finish certainly combines blush + highlighter for a fresh-faced effect. Physician’s Formula is a grossly underrated drugstore beauty brand, in my opinion! I also love their high SPF, talc-free mineral powders and blushes.

6) Favorite TV Series?

“Game of Thrones” — hands down! It’s the most intelligent — and addicting — show on television. I’ve almost finished reading the 5 [very, very long] books on which the show is based.

7) You can only eat the same food for an entire week. What is it?

Hibachi Steak.

8) How late is it right now?

Not late at all! 10 a.m.

9) Most beloved makeup item of the past year?

It would have to be the Lorac “Pro To Go” palette. The shadows are super pigmented, buttery smooth, and stunning for either daytime or evening looks. Plus, the two blushes and bronzer are gorgeous as well and render the palette perfect for travel.

10) How many different hair products do you use per week?

Only 3 — All from Redken. They include: Body Full Volumizing Shampoo, Volume Guts 10, and Body Full Instant Bodifier.

This was so much fun! Thanks again, Dandygal, for nominating me! 🙂

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