A Million Dollar Makeup Discovery — for $4!

Very rarely do you come across a makeup product which has the potential to transform your look and routine — but I’ve had the good fortune to make such a discovery this week!

YouTube gurus and beauty bloggers alike have long been raving about the virtues of NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” — a pure white — as an eyeshadow base. I held off purchasing this incredibly cheap product until a few weeks ago.

Boy, did I discover a jewel!

It seems like your standard eyeshadow pencil, similar to the new Covergirl version:

But look at how this primer, with eyeshadow applied on top, transforms the pigmentation of the shadow!

Left to right (Urban Decay’s “Ransom” alone –> shadow applied over the “Milk” eye pencil –> “Milk” eye pencil alone):


The vibrancy of the shadow multiplied — exponentially — with the NYX “Milk” eye pencil underneath!

Here’s another example with Mac’s “Expensive Pink” shadow.

Left to Right (Mac’s “Expensive Pink” alone, “Expensive Pink” applied over “Milk”, and “Milk” eye pencil alone):


The white pencil provides a base to which the shadow clings, making it a stellar primer.

This will be a standard inclusion in my makeup routine from this point onward. I cannot believe how it transforms the pigmentation of shadows, even those eyeshadows with mediocre pigmentation prior! The best part is that this gem is only $4 at ULTA, nyxcosmetics.com, and more recently, CVS!

This is a Holy Grail product, such as one only encounters once a year or so.

Final Verdict: 5/5 Stars

Available at ULTA, CVS, & nyxcosmetics.com for $4

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