4 Lorac Unzipped Palette Looks – Plus Swatches!


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Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

Look #4

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“Rose Gold” Series — Part 2 (Blush)


Welcome back to Part 2 of my “Rose Gold” Makeup Series!

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Without further ado…

Top Rose-Gold Blushes:

1) Nars “Orgasm”

This blush, with its peachy-pink goodness, is the epitome of rose-gold allure. This blush has achieved iconic stature in the beauty community, and it’s easy to see why. Although it does contain a sheen, it assimilates into the skin seamlessly once applied. With its dueling pink (cool) and golden (warm) tones, it is universally flattering — as are so many rose-gold products. This blush costs $30.

2) L’Oreal “Rose Gold Lift”

This beautiful cream blush is a true rose-gold. It can be applied with the fingers or with a stipple brush. More than any other shade mentioned in this post, it provides a stunning (and very flattering) highlight to the cheeks. It is not highly pigmented, but just enough to provide a natural rose gold flush on those mornings when you are struggling to get out the door! At $12, you can’t beat the price.

3) Benefit’s “Rockateur”

If I had to choose one blush to wear with every makeup look for the rest of my life, this would be it. It’s gorgeous in the pan — neutral enough to flatter any outfit or eyeshadow look, but packing an understated feminine punch. It flatters all skin tones.

I previously reviewed this blush here. It costs $28.

4) Sleek Makeup’s “Rose Gold”

“Sleek” makeup is a British cosmetics brand, widely known in beauty circles for their affordable (and incredibly pigmented) blushes. I ordered this blush from the UK a year ago, and its beauty rivals that of Nars’ “Orgasm.” It leans warm (with a prominent golden sheen) but still manages to flatter most skin tones. You can order this blush from sleekmakeup.com for $7. In other words, it’s an absolute steal!

5) Clinique’s “Precious Posy” 

This is such an underrated blush! A hidden treasure at the Clinique counter. Very pretty, and more on the matte side than any blush mentioned even though it has subtle gold shimmer in the pan. Excellent lasting power as well.

For Part 1 of my “Rose Gold” Series (Eyeshadow), click here.

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Review: Sephora “Rouge Infusion Lip Stain”!


If your schedule resembles mine, you have very little time to re-apply makeup — especially lipstick — during the day. Long-lasting lip products, especially lip stains, have thus always held a special appeal to the working woman.

I recently picked up a sample of the Sephora brand’s new “Rouge Infusion Lip Stain” in the shade “Red Essence.”

Did it stand the test? We shall see 😊

It comes in a long thin cylindrical tube, with a doe-foot applicator:

It applies to the lips with a nice punch of tomato-red with a thin, but not runny, consistency and did indeed dry down to a lovely stain:

Full face view:

The finish is indeed beautiful and initially felt comfortable on the lips.

So far, so good!

However, the ultimate test of any lip stain is its ability to survive a meal and its tendency to dessicate (dry out) the lips as the day progresses.

This lip product passed the first test with flying colors. It faded, as expected, after a meal, but the stain remained, ensuring that “popsicle lips” look. Where this product failed, however, was in the moisture department. While I don’t expect a long-lasting lip product to be moisturizing per se, it should at least be non-drying. Within hours of applying the product, my lips felt parched and lip balm was required.

In my opinion, makeup should be comfortable to wear. This is not comfortable to wear — indeed, quite the opposite.

Unfortunately, this product is a skip. 👎

However, I would recommend trying other Sephora lip products, which are generally amazing and usually the most inexpensive at Sephora stores. Although my full review is upcoming, their new “Luster Matte” formula is stellar — and non-drying.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5 Stars

Available at Sephora and sephora.com for $14