Makeup Geek Cosmetics! (Part 1–Eyeshadow)

Today I would like to offer an overview of Makeup Geek Cosmetics, a new makeup brand with drugstore prices but department store quality — as well as reviews and swatches of the products!

A bit of background…

Marlena (aka “Makeup Geek”) is a California beauty blogger and YouTuber who started her own cosmetics line. Her stated goal was to create products of high-end caliber at reasonable prices, including Mac eyeshadow dupes. And she has absolutely done it! Not only iPads her products a hit with the YouTube beauty gurus, but it is also building a massive fandom among women who are looking for a stellar bargain.

I’m going to start with…

Makeup Geek has over 60 individual Eyeshadows, in both potted and pan form. Of those, she has two shadow formulations — the regular shadows and the *foiled* shadows. See swatches below:

Regular Shadows

These eyeshadows, available in pan form and suitable for a space-saving Z-palette, are $6 apiece. For more information regarding Z-palettes, please read my post here.

Foiled Shadows

The foiled eyeshadows, also in pan form, run at $10 apiece.

Now, I will discuss these shadows individually:

“Beaches & Cream”

The Makeup Geek website describes this shade as a “creamy matte natural beige with just a hint of peach.” This is a great description; it is very creamy. However, it is not one of my favorites in this line since it is skin-tone and produces no color on the eyelid. It is also not shimmery so as to act as a highlight. You can live without this one.
Verdict: 2/5 stars

“Creme Brulee”

Described on the website as a “medium sand color with a soft matte finish,” this shade is the perfect crease color and a total dupe for Mac’s famous “Soft Brown” shadow. It works with any lid color to create the ideal transition shadow. A must-have which will be a staple in your makeup kit!
Verdict: 5/5 Stars


Official description is “pale shimmery pink.” As beautiful, delicate, and feminine as this shadow looks in the pan, its pigmentation is mediocre (at best) when applied without a primer. You can live without this one.
Verdict: 2.5/5 Stars


This is a must-have shade! Described as “rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmer finish,” this is a dupe (but even better!) than Mac’s famous “Expensive Pink” shadow. Extremely pigmented and buttery soft! A winner for everyone, but particularly stunning on blue eyes.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars


Official description is “matte pale pink brown.” It is an ideal cool-toned crease/transition shade to contrast with a warm-toned shadow on the lid. Often compared to Mac’s “Quarry” — although I think “Unexpected” is far better.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars

Now for the foiled shadows…

“Magic Act”

“Light gold with yellow undertones and a foiled finish.” This is your basic shimmering gold lid shade — on steroids! The foiled finish is incredibly vibrant and metallic — a definite pick-up!
Verdict: 5/5 Stars

“In the Spotlight”

Described on the website as “soft pink with coral undertones and a foiled finish”, this shade is STUNNING. It is the perfect pink-gold champagne shade, and very striking as a lid shade. The warm tones of this shade make them ideal for blue eyes.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars


“Medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones and a foiled finish” is the website description. This shade is also unforgettable — and a total dupe for the gorgeous “Rose Gold” Ardency Inn eyeshadow. The pigmentation is unreal. Another winner!
Verdict: 5/5 Stars


Website description states, “deep medium taupe with strong purple undertones and a foiled finish.” This is a strong silvery pewter shade which is truly striking and universally flattering for all eye colors.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars


Official description states, “rusty brown with warm undertones and a foiled finish.” I feel like this description is misleading, however; the shade definitely leans burgundy purple. A terrific fall, vampy color! Richly pigmented — and especially suited to green eyes.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars

“Flame Thrower”

“True brightened warm copper with a foiled finish,” per the website. This shade, like the other foiled shades, applies like liquid metal to the eye. Another stunning shade for blue eyes!
Verdict: 5/5 Stars

Last shadow…and it is a regular finish! (Listed here because I forgot to list it with the other regular shadows šŸ˜Š)

“Prom Night”

Described as “pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmer finish.” I would describe this more as a silvery purple-toned taupe — and it is glorious! Marlena reportedly designed “Prom Night” as a dupe for Mac’s bestseller “Satin Taupe.” The Makeup Geek version, however, far excels “Satin Taupe” in terms of pigmentation and longevity! Universally flattering for a neutral and sophisticated eye look.
Verdict: 5/5 Stars

I have created two basic eye looks below using a few of these shadows!

“In the Spotlight” (lid), “Cupcake” (crease)

“Cosmopolitan” (lid), “Unexpected” (crease)

“Magic Act” (lid), “Creme Brulee” (crease)

My overall opinion…

On the whole, Makeup Geek is a fantastic bargain for stellar makeup. As noted above, few Makeup Geek products received less than a 5-star rating from me! For this price, you rarely find high quality such as this.

In my next post, I will swatch and review the Makeup Geek blushes! šŸ˜ƒ

These products are available at

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