Best Hair Tool for Fine Hair – Revlon One Step Volumizer and Styler!

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I don’t know about some of you, but I have always struggled with my hair! Makeup is my expertise, but hair is my Achilles heel. I’m that girl who will watch over 100 “easy bun” tutorials but who is never able to actually construct the bun – mostly due to my fine hair. (The bun usually ends up looking like a rat’s nest!)

All that changed 2 months ago when I found this life-changing product!

The Revlon One Step Volumizer and Styler is a one-stop-shop device – by far, the best styling tool for fine hair.

It simultaneously dries and styles the hair. The ease of this product is what is so impressive – it practically styles itself into a Kate Middleton style blowout!

I’ve illustrated in the pics below how I like to do this.

First, I recommend holding the styler as close to the root as possible and drying for several seconds before pulling the brush straight upwards through the hair to the tips (see below); you will employ this technique all the way around your head. This adds lift and volume! See sequence below:

The final (and most important!) step is to take a front section of hair and wrap it forward over the styler – this adds those lovely waves which frame the face. See this step below:

Below is a before-and-after which shows the final product:

And, just to demonstrate that this sort of result is not a fluke, I’m including a second before-and-after pic:

Until next time!

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