How to Create a Fall Capsule Wardrobe in 2022

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When I travelled to Paris almost ten years ago, I was captivated by the French way of selecting and purchasing clothes.

The French have a good reason for doing this! Because most citizens of Paris live in apartments, their closets are small. They focus on buying a few classic pieces (such as Chanel, etc.) which they can then mix and match in different ways, creating a variety of outfits.

This has always inspired me and establishes the concept of a CAPSULE WARDROBE.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to create the ultimate fall capsule wardrobe in 2022.

I want to first describe the benefits of the capsule wardrobe:

1) Overall, it saves money! You are buying a few good quality clothing items, which you can then pair for a large assortment of looks for everyday wear. This wardrobe will last for a long time, and you won’t have to constantly purchase new clothes.

2) It increases your closet space! More room for your husband’s clothes – he will be very happy! I’m including a picture of my capsule wardrobe in my closet (below), which demonstrates what a tiny amount of space this occupies.

3) It is classic style – it is the Parisian fashion!

4) It’s amazingly portable – fewer clothes to pack for vacation – always a great thing!

Now, I’m going to show you – step by step – how to create this capsule wardrobe, using a few versatile pieces.

Step 1 – Choose your base color.

This base color is a neutral color upon which your entire palette is built and grounded. It is usually black or navy. I personally prefer black as it offers more versatility. More colors compliment black than navy, but you could use either.

Step 2 – Choose your accent color(s).

You will need to select 1-2 bold colors (non-neutral) to serve as your accent color(s). I personally chose red, but you could choose green, blue, etc. – the list is endless. This will serve as a “pop” in your wardrobe and will stand out.

Step 3 – Choose your tops.

Now that you have chosen your base color and your accent color, you will need to select 2-3 tops. Ideally, you should have some neutral colored tops (such as black, cream, etc.) as well as at least 1 top the same color as your accent shade (red, green, blue, etc.). It is also an advantage if you purchase a basic top which can serve as a casual top and a dressy top. Of note, I consider a white tee and a black tee as essential, timeless pieces. You can dress up these tops with jewelry, a scarf, etc., and can dress down the blouse with blue jeans.

Step 4 – Choose your pants.

I usually advise sticking to neutral colors (black, cream, navy, denim) for the pants, but it’s not wrong to choose a pop of color for your pants as well. A pair of jeans is essential to “dressing down” a look, or rendering it more casual. Whether you choose skinny jeans or mom jeans, it does not matter. Black jeans would also work. A capsule wardrobe should reflect your personal style and is truly your best friend.

Step 5 – Choose your dresses.

Like the tops, it is a good idea to select 2-3 flowy dresses to serve as a base garment. I do recommend that at least one of these feature the accent color. In particular, I love a little black dress. Plus – if there’s anything that is better than a little black dress, it’s a little red dress! Both are stunning and so versatile.

Step 6 – Choose your layers.

Layers are essential for fall fashion. In many places around the country, the temperature may be 30 degrees (F) in the morning and 70 degrees in the afternoon during the fall months. With layers, you can strip off or wrap up, as the situation requires. The ideal layers include pieces with long sleeves, such as a cardigan, bolero, long coat, chunky sweater, denim jacket, leather jacket, or trench coat. You can also “dial up” a look by layering with an oversized blazer – a fall staple. Of note, layers will allow you the perfect option to create a winter capsule wardrobe as well.

Step 7 – Choose your accessories.

Adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to dial a look up or down, rendering it more sophisticated or more casual. Scarves and jewelry (such as pearls) tend to glamorize an outfit. A belt would also take a look to the next level – another great staple.

I’m going to show you my own capsule collection below, including all the different outfits I’ve created. You will shocked to see how many outfits you can create using this method.

Possible Outfits – White Top

Possible Outfits – Black Top

Possible Outfits – Red Top

Possible Outfits – Black Dress

Possible Outfits – Red Dress


White/Cream Blouse:

***Please note: These blouses run large.

Black Blouse:

Red Blouse:

Little Black Dress:

Little Red Dress:

Blue Jeans:

Black Pants:

Khaki Pants:

White/Cream Cardigan:

Black Cardigan:

Black Shoes:

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