Money Saving Makeup Hacks


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With fears of recession looming, every penny counts

Makeup is no exception!

I’m going to list 5 quick money-saving makeup hacks:

1) You can use lipstick as blush.

Yes, you can!

In fact, in the early history of makeup, this was often done. It was called rouge, which doubled as both lipstick and blush. You simply dot a speck of lipstick onto your cheek, and pat it in the skin gently.

2) You can use brown or black eyeshadow as eyeliner.

This works beautifully, especially if you like a smudged look. Brown and black eyeliner is so versatile; this color is in almost every eyeshadow palette. In contrast, you can sharpen the eyeliner look by adding water to the eyeliner brush.

3) You can use concealer as eyeshadow base/primer.

This is one of the most amazing money-saving makeup hacks of all. Concealer, like the eyeshadow base, not only cancels out the purple or red undertones to the eyelid, providing a neutral canvas for the eyeshadow, but it also provides an actual substrate (like concealer) to which eyeshadow can bind. You can get 2 products for the price of one!

4) Drugstore foundation is your friend.

Drugstore foundation is wonderful and often underrated. It’s hard to beat L’Oreal True Match foundation or Revlon Colorstay foundation. No one will ever know.

5) Brown or black eyeshadow can double as a brow color.

Another fabulous use for black or brown eyeshadow! Truly a versatile product, as it can double as brow color or as eyeliner. You simply use a thin-tipped brush to draw in your brows.


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