Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette Review and Swatches


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In recent years, Colourpop has truly emerged as a leader in the makeup industry. Perhaps my favorite part of their line is their countless, large, and high quality makeup palettes – of every imaginable theme!

One of their newer palettes is the massive and lovely Stone Cold Fox palette.

It contains 30 well-milled eyeshadows. Although it does contain a few scattered warm shades, this palette leans mostly cool, with plenty of mauves, grays, taupes, and silvers:

The packaging is sleek – light and compact. It is actually quite thin, which works great to help fit into a makeup drawer!

Without further ado, let’s review each shade – shall we?

1) “So Fine”

This is a Cinderella shade – or, rather, perhaps a fairy godmother shade! It is a silvery baby pink, which would be ideal for the lid, inner corner, or brow bone.

2) “Trip”

If you are looking for a subtle, barely-there pinkish taupe, this is the shade for you! It also contains silver sparkle. Suitable as a crease shade or all-over lid shade.

3) Lux

A creamy shade with rare silver sparkle, “Lux” is quite pigmented. It is ideal for the lid or brow bone.

4) “Dreamful

“Dreamful” is a truly gorgeous snow white color, with abundant silver sparkle. The hue works as a lid color, brow bone, or even inner corner color. However, one downside is that this one is quite powdery.

5) “I Dig It”

“I Dig It” is a silvery glitter taupe. Beautiful as a lid color.

6) “Mystery”

A glittery mauve – again, an ideal lid color!

7) “Stranger”

“Stranger” is a natural-looking crease color – a light taupe which is slightly darker than “Trip.”

8) “Quarry Days”

“Quarry Days” is a matte warm-toned taupe, deeper than “Stranger.” Another great crease shade.

9) “U Rock”

“U Rock” is a cool-toned matte gray. Excellent crease shade.

10) “Magnetic Moon”

“Magnetic Moon” is my favorite shade in this palette! A glittery silver, this shade packs a punch in terms of pigment and has an almost foiled appearance. A stunning pop of color in the center of the lid!

11) Enigma

“Enigma” is a light warm-toned taupe. A crease color, for sure!

11) “Ghost Town”

“Ghost Town” is a deep, cool-toned taupe crease shade, with hints of mauve and plum.

13) “Stone Age”

Lighter than “Ghost Town,” “Stone Age” is a light mauve crease or lid shade – stunning on green eyes, I must say!

14) “Hard Place”

“Hard Place” is a mauvy bronze – best suited as a statement lid shade.

15) “Sediment to Be”

A pewter shade – ideal for the lid. This color reminds me of a moon rock!

16) “Rumor Mill”

“Rumor Mill” is a dark matte gray – best for deepening the crease or outer corner.

17) “Baby Doll”

“Babydoll” is a silvery taupe with a hint of mauve.

18) “Gneiss Guy”

I expected to love this shade but didn’t! A reddish mauve, “Gneiss Guy” contains glitter which is far too chunky and suitable only as a lid topper.

19) “Gravity Hill”

“Gravity Hill” is a deep matte mauvy plum – best for the deep crease or outer corner.

20) “Truffles”

“Truffles” is probably my second favorite in this palette – it is a highly unique shade. It’s a matte taupe infused with silvery blue sparkle.

21) “Bould Type”

A light matte grayish taupe.

22) “Caving In”

Silvery taupe with a touch of mauve.

23) “Fascinated”

Light matte grayish taupe. Useful as a subtle crease color!

24) “For Granite”

Deep brownish plum doused with delightful pink sparkles!

25) “Play It Coal”

This mauvy plum shade also contains pink sparkles, similar to “For Granite.”

26) “Fickle Fate”

This matte shade is a marriage between eggplant and plum. Suitable for deepening the crease or the outer V.

27) “Cult Classic”

Matte grayish brown. An outer V shade, for sure!

28) “Rock Bottom”

This is your classic matte black shade. It works to deepen the crease or outer V – and could also serve as an eyeliner shade.

29) “Drama Mama”

Probably my third favorite color in this palette. This shade is a mix between rich cocoa brown and eggplant. I love it for the outer V.

30) “Obsidian”

This shade is very similar to “Fickle Fate,” only darker and leaning more towards brown than eggplant or plum.

Now, for side-by-side swatches…

First Row:

First Row (L to R): So Fine, Trip, Lux, Dreamful, I Dig It, Mystery

Second Row:

Second Row (L to R): Stranger, Quarry Days, U Rock, Magnetic Moon, Enigma, Ghost Town

Third Row:

Third Row (L to R): Stone Age, Hard Place, Sediment to Be, Rumor Mill, Babydoll, Gneiss Guy

Fourth Row:

Fourth Row (L to R): Gravity Hill, Truffles, Bould Type, Caving In, Fascinated, For Granite

Fifth Row:

Fifth Row (L to R): Play it Coal, Fickle Fate, Cult Classic, Rock Bottom, Drama Mama, Obsidian

Overall, this is a fantastic addition to your eyeshadow palette collection which lends itself to a delicious variety of cool-toned looks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Stone Cold Fox palette review and swatches!


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